Lucy and Velvet

Say hello to Lucy and Velvet, two twin sisters (as they like to say) looking for a home!  Or better yet, let’s let them say hello.

Hey there! I’m Velvet, the cuddle buddy you’ve been looking for! I love being a couch potato and getting belly scratches, I’ll also sit next to you or on your lap. I purrr like an engine and love all the attention. You can find me cuddling with my twin sister, Lucy, when we’re not running around together. We love to play & cuddle each other. She’s my other half!

Hi, my name is Lucy! I’m a free spirit kitten who loves to cuddle. I believe that life is meant to be fun, you’ll often find me running around, playing with toys and zooming around with my twin sister, Velvet! When I’m not running around, I love to plop down on the couch with my foster parents and cuddle. sometimes I’ll lay on top of them, sometimes I’ll lay right next to them, it’s whatever I’m feeling like in that moment, but I always say yes to scratches! Scratches make me purrr like an engine.

We can both be a little shy at first when meeting new people, but we’ll warm up easily with a little patience, and especially if treats are involved.  We’d do best in a calm and quiet environment.  If you have room for the two of us, we would *love* to stay together.  🙂  We do everything together & always have!  To adopt us, contact our foster mom, Grace, at gracelissa@outlook.com.  You’ll be happy you did!