Max and Otis

Say hello to Otis and Max (white nose and paws). Two bonded brothers looking for a special adopter.

These two were quite shy when they first arrived at the shelter, but they have totally bloomed and become super happy cats in their foster home. They are absolutely joined at the hip and do everything together. They’re very playful and love to chase each other around the apartment and engage in all sorts of hijinks. And when they get tired of that, you’ll find them napping together/on top of each other.

They are still wary of new people and will need a little time to warm up when they first meet you, but if you’re patient you’ll be rewarded with two very outgoing happy-go-lucky brothers who will be your new best friends.

Otis is a total super curious goofball and a “sandwich” cat. He wants to be in the middle of everything! He’s always investigating (he has a thing for empty paper bags and burrowing under covers), exploring, and loves to follow his foster dad around the apartment.

Once he gets to know you he’s *super* affectionate, chirpy, and loves to play. He will curl up on his foster dad’s lap at the drop of a hat, and loves to snuggle next to him in bed. He’s the smaller of the two, but he has a *huge* personality.

Max is a super sweet and gorgeous little tiger. He’s more of the big brother, so he’s not as loopy and loony as Otis, but he can still mix it up and play with the best of them. Bring out the wand toy or laser pointer and Max will leave his brother in the dust. Max is *fast* when he wants to be and the boy can *jump*. He too needs a little time to warm up to new people, but once he gets to know you he’ll always be nearby.

He’s not quite the lap cat like Otis, but he actively seeks out attention and pets. Max will always be near you, while Otis will be on top of you. Max also has the cutest little meow, and will sing for his supper or when he wants extra attention.

Max is also a bit of a special needs cat. He had bad luck in the genetic lottery and has Eosinophilic Granuloma. (Google it) It’s genetic, and not contagious, but this means he is prone to breaking out in rashes, like an allergy. The condition cannot be cured, but it can be managed. We have him on a daily allergy med, and when there’s a flare up he goes on a round of steroids to calm the rash down. He will need to stay on his meds, so his adopter must be willing to take this on and keep an eye out for flare ups. It’ll be a little more work, but Max takes it all in stride, and he is definitely worth it!

Max and Otis are very attached to each other and must be adopted together. They’re 2 years old so they have lots of energy and are extremely playful, affectionate and silly. When it’s treat time, if you hold the treat above their heads they’ll stand up on their back paws, which is really cute.

They’ll need a little time to adjust in their new home, and Max will need some extra care, but the lucky person who adopts these two will be rewarded with a very entertaining, friendly and loving pair of cats.

Max and Otis are part of the Burbank Animal Shelter’s foster program. They have been neutered, microchipped and are fully vaccinated.

To adopt Max and Otis, contact their foster dad, at chrisdezorzi@gmail.com.