Make it a Double!

What could be better than adopting a pet? Adopting two, of course!

It just so happens we have a number of wonderful bonded pairs of cats and dogs looking for their forever homes. These pairs must be adopted together, love each other right out of the box, and are ready to move in and be your new best friends!

Luna and Moon are a bonded pair, and are ready for a forever home! These two are a bit shy at first but will easily come around for new people with toys and treats.   Once they get to know you, they’ll rubbing against you, purring up a storm, and flopping at your feet for pets.  They do everything together: sleeping in their favorite spots, grooming each other, eating together, and playing together.

Luna and Moon would be very happy in a home with someone who understands it may take a little while for them be super comfortable with new people.  But once they get to know you, they’re a *ton* of fun, and are going to be your best buddies!  To learn more, contact their foster mom Katelyn at katelyndfletcher@gmail.com

Bella and Fergie are lovable sisters who have a blast playing together! Splashing in our water pool, chasing each other around the yard, these dogs love to play with each other almost as much as they love getting petted!

These are high energy girls, but do a good job of taking out their energy on each other. They respond to their names and are a happy go lucky pair.  To foster or adopt, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment!

Sammy and Petty Boy are a beautiful pair of bonded pair of Maine Coon brothers They’re gentle sweet boys who are very scared being at the shelter.  Normally they are shy, but very sweet. If you sit with them quietly and offer them treats and they will warm up and let you pet them. We are confident once they’re out of the shelter and back in a loving home they will go back to being normal, happy, loving cats.

Sammy and Petty Boy would do best in a quiet home with an adopter willing to give them a little time to settle in and get comfortable.  To adopt Sammy and Petty Boy, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment.

Salt and Pepa are a high energy and clever dynamic duo. Salt is a little older and plays a little rougher, while also being super smart and curious. Pepa is younger, smaller and goofier, with a stronger attraction to people. They are both special in totally different ways, so they balance each other out. 🙂

They’ll both need some patience, training, and regular exercise from their new family. But they’ll also make sure that family gets regular exercise and laughs at their antics every day. Seems like a fair trade to us!  Looking for a sweet pair of dogs to be your new best friends and adventure buddies? Visit or call the shelter 818 284 6052 to make an appointment to foster or adopt Salt and Pepa!

Caramel came to the shelter as a very young mom with her litter of kittens.  Caramel is particularly attached to her son Oliver, and he is her little shadow. They always know where the other one is.  They play together, eat together, and groom together. The two are quite bonded and we’d love for them to be adopted together.

Caramel is friendly, playful, and, like many moms, treasures her “me time.” She’s just over a year old, so she still has lots of kitten energy. Oliver is a real sweetie: He’s good about cleaning up leftovers at mealtime, will have a grooming session, followed by wrestling with Mom, and then he finds the perfect spot for nap…usually near mom!

They’re both super friendly, mellow, and would LOVE to be your new best friends. Kittens are happiest when they have a sibling or friend to play with in their new home. But to be able to adopt a kitten with his momma, that’s something really special! For more details and to meet Caramel and Oliver, contact their foster mom Chen 858-437-3312

Racer and his partner Honey are proof that mutts make the best pups! This pair has a little Cattle Dog, Pointer, maybe a dash of Pit Bull and Dalmatian in them. They both found themselves relinquished to the Shelter after their owner sadly passed away. Racer is a tripod, missing a rear leg, but we think it just helps him run a little faster (less weight to carry). You wouldn’t know he’s missing a leg when you see him play and frolic with his friend Honey.

Honey and Racer share everything from a bed, to bowls, toys, and affection. They are both very loving dogs, and if you sit in with them they will gladly cover you in kisses in exchange for belly rubs and ear scratches. They’re looking for an adult only home with no other pets. To foster or adopt Racer and Honey, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment.

Kronk and Yzma are a bonded pair and true partners in crime.  Both of them love exploring and going on adventures around the house together.  They will play for hours with their toys (crinkle toys and kicker toys are their favorites), and after playtime they will come up and demand *lots* of pets and attention.  While they’re not a fan of laps, they *love* being next to their humans and getting pets.  At bedtime they’ll be on the bed with you, laying next to you or on your legs.

Kronk and Yzma would do best in a quieter household without young children or loud animals as they startle easily at loud sounds or sudden movements. Please contact their foster mom Sarah at s.brockman@pm.me for more info!

Chanel and Dior are a mother son duo bonded pair who would love a home and family to call their own. They were originally found together as strays. They have a lot to say and love to bark at new people to say hello, or to let you know if there is something out of the ordinary. Because of this they will need to go to a home without shared walls.

We are not sure how much training they have had (if any) so they will need everything training: potty, obedience, leash etc. They LOVE running around, playing together and going for walks! We are not sure about cats/small animals and have not tested them with other dogs while they have been in our care (a meet and greet is required if there are already dogs in the household).  To foster or adopt Chanel and Dior, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment.

Say hello to brothers Baloo and Rama!  These two have the sweetest personalities and area always up for fun and mischief.  They love following their humans around and will be your constant shadow:  Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or lounging on the couch, they’re right there, ready to keep you company.

When it comes to cuddles, they’re pros. However, they’d rather keep their paws on the ground, as they’re not big fans of being picked up and held.

Every time you hear their squeaky little meows it’s an instant “aww” moment. They’re experts at tugging at your heartstrings.

Baloo and Rama are your perfect companions if you’re looking for two charming kittens to fill your home with laughter and love.  To learn more about Baloo and Rama, contact their foster mom Kristina at kri.griffith11@gmail.com.