Brown Bear

Brown Bear went to a foster home and his foster gave us this update:

Brown Bear responds to his name, or his nickname, “Bear” and he loves playing! He is having a great time playing with other dogs near his age and energy level – he’s the perfect little brother! He’s determined that everyone get involved and have as much fun as he’s having, no matter how much convincing they need. He has springs for legs and is blazing fast, so he loves playing tag as much as he loves playing with toys.

He’s been introduced to friends and neighbors and he greets them like a champ. He’s crated at night and when we’re out of the house and, so far, no accidents in the house or crate.  He would love a family with other dogs, or at least other dogs he can visit and play with often. He loves long walks and exploring the world, so he doesn’t need a yard, although they are nice too (he uses the dog door like a pro), and he’d also really love to find a human who enjoys his quirks and wants to shower him with love and keep him forever.

Brown Bear is currently in a foster home. To make an appointment to meet Brown Bear, please contact our foster coordinator at vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com.