Fostering Millie, by Prithvi Prakash

I moved to LA in the Fall of last year – an exciting yet daunting decision. The first few weeks were hectic with moving, setting up the apartment and settling in. I was riding the high of moving to a new city, adulting and living away from home. However, the busy first days were followed by a lull and quiet that I wasn’t quite used to. All my friends lived far away and driving in LA – well you already know how that one goes. That’s when I came across the Burbank Animal Shelter and decided to foster. I emailed Tammie and she responded promptly with more details about the foster program. Within a few days of formalities and meeting different dogs at the shelter, Millie was home with me.

Millie is a beautiful brown pit bull mix. She was extremely energetic and affectionate. There was not a single soul that met Millie that didn’t love her and she loved them back even more. She was also very sensitive and caring. Every time I was upset or angry she would come close to me, put her paw on me and lick my hand. Millie was a very intelligent dog and was quick to learn and respond to commands. She was also extremely protective of me and the house (her territory). Even on her walks, if we met someone that seemed like they could harm me, she would stand in front of me. I always felt safe whenever she was around.

I had such a positive experience with Millie and I would foster another big dog in a heart beat because bigger the dog, bigger the love!

When you foster a dog, you are saving a life.  The Burbank Shelter is very much in need of dog fosters, especially for larger dogs.  

To learn more about fostering a dog, please contact vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com.  Thank you