Frida The Partially Blind Kitten Is Looking For a Home!

Frida is a super curious, energetic and outgoing six month old kitten. She is partially blind but navigates her surroundings beautifully, in spite of her visual impairment. One of her favorite things to do in the world is to play with her tassel wand toy. She also loves to play with her shadows on the wall which is so adorable to watch.

Frida always wants to be where the action is and follows her foster mom from room to room. While she has a lot of kitten energy, she really snuggles up to her foster mom on the couch in the evenings. “It’s so sweet. She doesn’t like it when I get up to do something and waits for me to get back so she can resume her snuggling. 🙂”

When she’s in the mood, she loves head scratches which turns her into a purring machine.

Frida can get startled by loud noises and sudden movements, so she’s looking for a quiet home with no young children. We think she’ll do fine in a quieter, adults-only home, or one with older children. Frida *must* be an indoor-only cat.

To adopt Frida, contact her foster mom Shelia at sheilamacker@gmail.com