The M’s : Manny, Minnie and Moe! The Best Bonded Trio You’ll Ever Meet!

Minnie, Manny and Moe (aka “The M’s”) are the best bonded trio of cats on the planet. Everyone who meets them is astounded by their friendliness and displays of affection to total strangers. They spend most days cuddled on their foster mom or in a pile with each other in sheer defiance of any stereotypes of how cats are supposed to behave.

A bit about their personalities: Minnie is the ‘big sister’.  She is physically the largest, but also always needs to supervise and check up on what her brothers are up to. Her hobbies are bird watching, flopping on the floor to incite pets, and snacking. She monitors the time and alerts everyone to 9pm when playtime is scheduled to commence.

Though she will also raid the toybox and keep herself busy during the day. She is a cuddle machine, and loves laying on her foster mom or piling up and grooming her brothers/using them for a pillow.

Moe is the most cat-like of the three.  He enjoys his independence during most nap times, and chooses his own hours for play (but sitting in and watching most of the time when his siblings are going manic on a teaser). He is a business cat at heart, always looking to join his foster mom at (or on) the keyboard and in the office room while she struggles to turn away from the cuteness and stay focused.

He’s also an athlete, being the first to scale the 4′ cat tree and do his best King Kong impersonation at the top while swatting a toy. Even saying he is the most “cat-like” of the three, he is more cuddly than most cats as well. He loves to follow people around and request attention and does the occasional lap cuddle and nightly piles in bed with his siblings and the humans.

Manny is the little brother of the gang. Physically the smallest, and always first to explore anything new (and usually first to tire of it). He is relentless at playtime, though not the most graceful.  He has proved on many occasions that cats don’t always land on their feet.

His hobbies are drinking from the tap, exploring, and working on his impressions- his best one being that of a teddy bear when he curls up with humans and night to be held and sleep together.

Any one of these individual bios would sell these cats. Each of them makes life funnier, sweeter, more loving, more fun and happier. The challenge is finding the perfect family that loves cats enough (and has the space) to take in all three as they *must* be adopted together.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready for an instant cat family, contact their foster mom Nancy at CashyMadelines@gmail.com to learn more about “The M’s”!