Stella Update!

We have an update on Stella, our little Labrador/Doberman mix with the broken pelvis.  (See Stella on the mend from last month)

She had a recheck at the hospital last week, and  X rays showed things were healing nicely.  🙂  She’s currently recovering in a foster home and her foster mom reports she is the *sweetest* dog.  She has been able to go for longer walks and put more weight on her back leg, and she loves to pick ups sticks!    When she’s not on her walks, she still needs to limit her movement, but Stella is taking it all in stride.  She’s happy to be a couch potato!

She still needs some help getting up and down from the couch, but once there, she loves sitting with people and getting pets and cuddling.  She loves belly rubs and being with people.  She has also been great with the foster’s children.

Stella has her next recheck in four weeks, and then she can start physical therapy.  Stay tuned for more updates!

We’d like to say another big thank  you to our donors who made it possible for Stella to have her surgery.  Thank you for saving Stella and giving her a second chance!