Mia Got Adopted!!!

Great news! Mia (Say Hello to Mia) found her forever home!

Mia was our longest term resident and spent over a year at the shelter.  But within weeks of going to a foster home her foster mom realized how much she liked having Mia around and adopted her!

How can I help you today?

Mia’s mom is a vet, and Mia goes to work with her on a regular basis.  The staff loves her, and Mia likes to hang out at the reception desk and greet customers.

Mia dressed up for the office Halloween party.

Mia *loves* being in a home, and she really hit the jackpot.  She shares the house with an older cat, and Mia’s mom also has a horse named Jack.  And of course when Mom goes to visit Jack at the barn, Mia gets to go too!

Hello little doggie, how do you do?

And with all the open space and other dogs hanging out by the barn, Mia is Mia, and much hilarity ensues!

Mia spent over 400 days at the shelter before finding her forever home.  We’d like to say a big thank you to all the Shelter Staff, the Volunteers, and Mia’s foster mom for making this happy ending possible.  Mia never gave up on us, and we never gave up on her!

We will miss you Mia, but we are *so* happy for you!!!

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