Bo The Cat Found a Home!

Great news!   Our Socialization Program graduate, Bo (Say Hello To Bo The Cat) got adopted and we received an update from his new family!

Bo’s first visit to the sofa!

“Bo is doing really well,” says his adopter mom.  “We’re still spending a lot of time with him in his safe spaces, but his territory is expanding a little bit every day. His curiosity has begun to outweigh his fear, and he loves to go on overnight exploring excursions all over the house. We’re working to help him understand that the living room is a nice place to hang out, and he has even jumped up to visit us on the sofa a few times.”

Hanging out with mom in the cat tree.

“He LOVES to play and snuggle, and if you’re not scratching him in just the right spot, he will grab your hand and pull it right up to his face! “

Bo’s makes friends on his first visit to the vet.

“When he first came home with us, he was so quiet. But last week, we heard his squeaky little meow for the first time, and now he comes out talking every night, asking for attention–which he immediately receives because who could resist that sweet voice???”

“It’s taking a lot of time and patience, but it’s been wonderful to see him come out of his shell. We’re so grateful for the foundation and love he received with the VBAS team, and look forward to watching this sweet, happy boy as he continues to settle into our family!”

The VBAS would like to say a big thank you to the Socialization Team for all the time they put in with Bo, and *huge* thank you to Bo’s new family for adopting him!  Thank you for opening your heart and home to Bo!