Chico Update!

Chico (Chico And The Leg!) continues to recover from his broken leg.  Here’s an update from his foster mom:

“Chico been doing well these past three weeks. He is a really happy puppy and very curious about his surroundings. He enjoys hanging out and loves everyone.

He isn’t the best study buddy since he likes to get all the attention and has even developed a high little bark when he is not getting enough of it.

He does best cozying up in a warm lap, especially since he is under strict orders to rest. He loves to play with his doggy toy and kills some time by chewing on its ears.

After he’s worn himself out and has a full little belly he likes to take a deep cat nap.”

Thank you again to all our donors who made Chico’s surgery possible.  We’ll have another update on Chico next month!