Hope Update: Adopted!!!

Our little tripod kitten, Hope (Hope’s Journey) is doing *great*!

I’m all better!

She’s adapted very well to only having three legs, and is very confident as she bounces around and plays.  She occasionally loses her balance, but it doesn’t bother her in the least.  She just gets right back up and goes back to doing kitten things!  She also *loves* pets and will push against your hand at every opportunity.

Mmm…right there!

Best of all, only a few days after being cleared by medical, our little girl got adopted and is now in her forever home!

First trip to the vet!  Clean bill of health!

Her adopters report: “Her new name is Solar System!  Solar for short!  She is adjusting well to her new home and has been purring loudly in her owner’s arms.  She loves playing with her new toys and scratching post, and can jump super high on her one back leg!  She had her first visit to her new vet today and did great.”

Thank you again to her adopters, Montrose Pet Hospital, shelter medical, her foster mom, and especially to our donors, for making Hope’s happy story possible!