Kittens Kittens everywhere!

2017 was another busy year for the VBAS’s Kitten Foster Program (KFP): over 250 kittens were saved!

During kitten season (April – November) hundreds of orphan kittens come to the Burbank Animal Shelter.  Some are just a few days old, and almost all of them are too young to be adopted.  The shelter does not have the space to house all of these kittens, nor the staffing to provide the 24/7 care the smallest kittens require.

Enter the Kitten Foster Program!  Founded in 2001, KFP is made up of a group of dedicated volunteer foster parents who take in these tiny orphans and provide them a loving home until they are big enough to be adopted.  Neonatal kittens receive bottle feeding around the clock.  Scared kittens are socialized.  When a kitten is ill or needs a checkup or vaccination, the fosters work with the medical team at the shelter to make sure these kittens get the care they need.


Little Gimpy was born with Entropin.  Her eyelids were folded the wrong way causing her eyelashes to rub against the eye.  Thanks to KFP and our medical program, after two surgeries and medication, she’s getting better and on the road to recovery and being adopted!


While fostering can be hard work, it’s also a lot of fun.  Seeing kittens taking their first steps, learning to play, and watching their personalities develop is incredibly rewarding.  And who doesn’t love playing with a kitten or having one nap on your lap?

Right now only a handful of kittens remain in the program, but in a few short months kitten season will start again.  We are always in need of new foster parents: think about joining the team!   No experience is necessary, just a love for kittens.  Training is provided along with food, supplies, and medical care.  

Once your kittens are adoptable we have all the tools to find them their new homes.  We promote on social media, our website, at the shelter, and kitten adoption fairs are held twice a month.  Our adoption rate is 100%!

If you’d like to learn more about joining the team, click here.  And if you are unable to foster, please consider making a donation.  The Kitten Foster Program is staffed entirely by volunteers and relies 100% upon donations for funding.

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to the foster parents and everyone who supported the Kitten Foster Program in 2017.  Because of you over 250 lives were saved.  And because of you we will continue to save lives in 2018.