Medical Program

The VBAS Medical Program started under the direction of volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Martin Small, D.V.M. Since then, our medical program has evolved to provide vaccinations, examinations and disease testing for all animals that enter the shelter, ensuring pets are healthy before being adopted.

VBAS volunteers assist the medical staff with routine examinations pre- and post-surgery and help transport animals to and from appointments with specialists. The VBAS also funds special needs examinations and surgeries for our animal residents.

Here are some of our most recent medical success stories:

Lena came to the shelter and quickly won over the hearts of the volunteers and staff, but it was soon discovered she had damage to her Cruciate Ligament (similar to the ACL) in her knee. After a consultation at the VCA West LA Animal Hospital, doctors determined a specialized surgery was needed to fix the damage.
Read more about Lena’s road to recovery (which lead to a happy adoption) here.

There’s not much to smile about when you’ve got a mouth full of damaged or missing teeth. Haku was a sweet cat, but needed some extensive dental work in order to get his smile back and find his forever home.
Read more about how Haku got his smile back here.

Chip got a little too excited looking for his forever home and accidentally broke his foot requiring a specialized surgery.
Read more about Chip’s medical journey here.