Oona adopted!!!

Great news!  Our Long Term resident Oona was adopted!!!!

I found a home!!!

Oona arrived at the shelter back in September of 2018 and She quickly became a shelter favorite.  This sweet girl was always full of energy, loved people, and loved to zoom and bounce around in the yard. 

To give her a break from the shelter, we started sending her home on weekend sleepovers with volunteers.  It was during these weekend getaways that her true colors started to come out. She was no longer filled with the zoomies: she turned into a couch potato!

Couch, meet Potato.

When a spot opened up in our Adult Dog Foster Program, Oona went to a foster home full time.  Doted on by her three foster parents, her personality truly blossomed. Finally in a home, she was able to relax and unwind.  Oona turned into an even *bigger* couch potato! She became a confident, relaxed, loving pup who loved cuddling and belly rubs.

Rub a dub dub, hamming it up in the foster’s tub!

Then the magic happened:  A friend of Oona’s foster moms came to visit and it was love at first sight.  Oona finally found her forever home!!!

The big day!

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Oona’s adopters, as well as her foster moms, shelter staff, volunteers and everyone else who was there for Oona.  It took time, but the wait was worth it. Thank you everyone for being there for our special girl!

In the loving home she’s always deserved.

Want to be a hero and help another dog like Oona find her forever home?  Join our Adult Dog Foster Program. (We need more fosters!!!) The benefits of getting a shelter dog into a foster home are truly life changing.  Once in a foster home, dogs are able to relax and show their true personalities, something they can’t always do in a shelter.  

Sooo happy to be in a home!

Fostering can make all the difference in the world to a dog.  Please consider becoming a foster and help save a life today. Click here for more info.