Operation Chihuahua Pick Up!

Santa Barbara County Animal Services had a crisis last month after taking in 104 Chihuahuas from a Lompoc home.  A call for help went out and the Animal Welfare community in Southern California really stepped up.  Over 60 dogs were transferred, with the Burbank Animal Shelter taking 10!

Shelter Staff traveled to Santa Maria to pick up the 10, very cute, but VERY scared tiny Chihuahuas.  The three hour drive went without a hitch (although the car was a little smelly).  When the pups arrived at the Shelter the rest of the Staff were very excited to meet our new friends.

Over the next few weeks, the pups were evaluated, spayed/neutered and given a clean bill of health.  Some were a bit more timid than the rest and went to foster homes to receive some extra love and attention.

Sweetie Pie was one of the first to be adopted. Her new owner was very happy to welcome her and promised to give her the love and patience she needed to feel comfortable in her new home.

Some of the Chihuahuas will be in foster for a bit longer, but more will be available very soon.  Keep checking http://thevbas.org/adopt-dogs, and let’s find these little ones homes for the holidays!
We’d like to say a big thank you to Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Howe and Shelter Outreach Coordinator Lissette Rojo who made the drive to Santa Maria.  Thank you for helping give these little ones a second chance!