Meet Muska!

Muska (A092114) is a 10 year old lady looking for her forever home. She’s a senior, so she’s a little set in her ways. She enjoys pets and being brushed, but also enjoys time on her own, especially napping in a sunbeam or on a comfy couch. She’s also quite the talker!

One of our Voluntees says “Muska is usually my first visit at the shelter. She runs up to greet you at the door and is a big fan of treats and ear and chin rubs. She has the cutest freckle on her nose and likes a little small talk from time to time. Occasionally, she’ll let you know that she’s done socializing and is ready for some alone time. She’d be a perfect addition for an experienced cat lover. “

Muska’s ideal adopter would be someone who lives in a quiet home and knows how to “speak cat”. Visit http://thevbas.org/adopt-cats and click on her photo to make an appointment to meet Miss Muska!