Remembering Megan

It was in October that the Labus Family contacted the VBAS about sponsoring a Cat Condo to honor the one-year anniversary of their daughter Megan’s passing.  

The Labus Family: Jen, Ron, Ryan and Megan

“Megan had this incredible love for animals” Jen, Megan’s mother said.  “It was only natural that we found our way to the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter website to see what we could do for the animals to honor her life.”    She was always rooting for the “underdogs” in life.  “If there was someone sitting at a party alone, Megan gravitated to them to strike up a conversation.  It was only natural for Megan to discover a clowder of local feral cats in Burbank and support them with visits and treats while respecting their boundaries.”

VBAS Cat Condo with Labus Family Dedication

One of her best friends, Julia, remembers the trips to the secret location to “visit the cats”. “Megan loved and respected all animals.  When it came to these cats, she was proud to have named each one with a very formal, silly name such as Steven Reginald the Third.  As new cats would appear in the clowder, Megan would always make sure they had a distinguished name.” The cats filled an animal void that she could not have at home, as some family and friends were allergic to cats.

Ryan, Megan and their dog Indy.

Megan’s father, Ron, remembered during her time in Children’s Hospital that the nurses would always try to get the therapy dogs to come and see his daughter.  “They knew how much Megan loved animals and what it meant for her to have a dog climb up in bed with her.”
The VBAS is proud to work with the Labus Family to honor Megan and her love for animals.