Bob and Barcley

Bob and Barcley were surrendered by their owners as they were moving and couldn’t take their cats with them. These beautiful boys are 4 year old bonded brothers and must go to their new home together.

Hi!  My name is Bob!

Bob and Barcley were originally adopted from us as kittens, so to be back was really a shock for them.  They came in to the shelter sad, confused and scared, not understanding why they were back!  Bob and Barcley really like to be talked to, get lots of pets, and LOVE treats of almost any type. They’re not really lap cats, but they do love to play and we are thinking they will  be happy to sit next to you on the couch to be scratched, but not on you.

…and my name is Barcley!  We’d love to be your new best friends!

Bob and Barcley are sweet and playful, yet very independent cats. They were the only animals in the house, so they’d prefer to go to a forever home where they are the only pets so they can soak up as much attention as possible when they want it.   A  quiet household and an understanding owner would be best.  They are really sweet boys, they just need time to adjust and come out of their shells.

If you think these two handsome boys would fit well into your home, please check out their profiles at http://thevbas.org/adopt-cats to complete an application and schedule an appointment.