Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart is a sweet girl who came to us scared, dirty and hungry. Sadly, we had no idea where her puppies were since it was obvious that she had recently been nursing. She had some lumps and bumps and scrapes and after the Vet patched her up and ran a few tests, she came out with a good bill of health.

Lemon Tart is the sweetest girl! She is affectionate and loving and is happiest when her belly is being rubbed. She doesn’t need a ton of exercise, a few walks and then a plop on the couch would suit her needs fine.

We’re not sure how she is with other animals, so a meet and greet with your dog would be a must as well as your kids if you have them. She may need some house training and getting used to being part of a family, but we suspect that would not take very long.

To meet Lemon Tart, check out her profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt-dogs to complete an application and schedule an appointment.