Tanner and Grissol

Tanner (brown) and his brother Grissol (grey) were originally adopted from the animal shelter as 2 month old kittens. Unfortunately, 3 years later their owner was moving and unable to take them with him. These two are extremely bonded and need to go to their new home together.

Tanner and Grissol are confused about being in the shelter so they are shy at first. But as we spend more time with them we’re seeing more and more of their personalities come out. At heart, they’re both sweethearts.  Tanner will run right up to you as soon as you open the door to their condo, but immediately backs off as he assesses the situation. If you’re patient, he’ll plant himself right by you to get some pets and scratches.

Grissol, is a little more timid and enjoys to stay in a sheltered spot, but he too warms up pretty quickly when he knows the payoff is some cheek rubs, and once he trusts you he *loves* pets! They’ve also decided they like to play. At the moment their favorite toys are ping pong balls and soft toys that crinkle. They’re also HUGE fans of Churu treats.

These two are looking for a quiet home with an owner who will give them time to settle in. They’re very sweet cats and we’re confident they’ll be *much* happier and their personalities will come back out once they’re in a home. They’ll just need a little time to adjust so they can become the happy cats we know they can (and deserve) to be!

To adopt Tanner and Grissol check out their profiles at https://thevbas.org/adopt-cats to complete an application and schedule an appointment.