Maxine’s life, or what we know of it, is reminiscent of a sad Country song. She was relinquished to an extremely full shelter by her owner just days before giving birth. She is a senior girl at 9 years old and was clearly used to produce litter after litter. We had a little room available in our shelter and decided to go get her and let her have her babies in peace and in a loving, quieter, environment.

What an amazing mom she has been! So loving and protective of her pups. She is unbelievably smart, and we watched as she showed her babes the ropes with food, toys, and quiet time. She was obviously a pro at this puppy raising stuff. We watched them grow and find new homes and now it is this sweet girl’s turn.

Maxine is completely motivated by treats, seems to be pretty well potty trained as far as knowing the difference between inside and outside (although we suspect she was kept outdoors by her former owner). She is very sweet, friendly, and *loves* to be petted. She is looking for someone willing to make her part of their family, welcome her inside, love her as she deserves and finally give her the security of a permanent home.

Maxine likes to talk (not bark) just talk when she wants food or your attention. We have spayed her, so she doesn’t have to have any more little ones. YAY!

To meet Maxine and give her that forever home that she so deserves, click on her profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt-dogs to complete an application and schedule an appointment.