Double the Fun: Two is better than one!

What could be better than adopting a cat? Adopting two, of course!

It just so happens we have four wonderful bonded pairs of cats looking for their forever homes. These pairs must be adopted together, love each other right out of the box, and are ready to move in and be your new best friends!

Mingoy and Mylo are a brother and sister, only a year old, who came to the shelter when their owner developed allergies.

These two are *super* sweet and want nothing more than a nice home to relax in where they can curl up with their humans.  They both love getting pets and are very affectionate, but they’re still a bit confused about why they’re in the shelter.  We know they will be much happier once they’re in a home.

Mylo is a longhair, although she had a bit of a shave before arriving at the shelter. She will be super floofy once her fur grows back. Mingoy has a unique white stripe across his nose which we think makes him look quite regal. Both Mylo and Mingoy are super friendly, love human attention, and they would *love* to become a part of your family.

Maybe you’re looking for a curious and outgoing brother and sister pair?  Say hello to Steli and Maya!

This happy-go-lucky twosome are super outgoing and love meeting people.  They’re always curious about what is going on and are very playful.

Pets and scritches are always appreciated, and they will seek you out and demand them!  They also love playing with toys and each other.  They may be full grown, but they’re like full grown kittens!

Perhaps you’d like a pair that’s a little more low key?  Meet brothers Howie and Hansen.

These two are a pair of laid back gentle giants.  They’re big boys (not fat, just big!) who like people and pets, but are definitely on the quieter side.  Hansen (tabby) will be more than happy to receive pets at all times of the day and Howie *loves* belly rubs!

If you like big mellow cats, Howie and Hansen are the dudes for you!

How about a pair of brown and silver tabby brothers looking for a quiet home?  Say hello to Tanner (brown) and Grissol (grey).

Tanner is the more outgoing of the two and will immediately come up to investigate when you approach his condo.  He’s still a little shy when he first meets you, but give him a minute or two and he will come right over for pets and attention.  Grissol is a bit more reserved, but after a few minutes (and a treat) he warms up…and once he gets to know you he *loves* pets.

These two are still unsure about shelter life, but we know once they’re back in a home and have time to adjust they’ll settle right in and become the happy cats we know they deserve to be!

To meet Mylo and Mingoy, Steli and Maya, Howie and Hansen, and Tanner and Grissol, click on their profiles at https://thevbas.org/adopt-cats to complete an application and schedule an appointment!