Maple is a Special Kitten!

Maple is a beautiful 5 month old kitten with a very sweet disposition. He always wants to be near somebody, wants to be on you lap or curls up under your chin. If he can’t be on your lap, he’ll settle for the closest cozy blanket or sunbeam to take a good nap. He’ll squeak at you when he wants to be pet and loves all the quality time he can get.


Like all kittens, Maple has lots of kitten energy! He will chase his tail because he thinks it’s the best built in toy, and he loves to play fetch with his foster mom. He’s a big fan of the crinkly balls and will chase them around and then drop them right in your lap.

He also loves being in windows, climbing his cat tree, playing with the blinds and all sorts of other kitten silliness.

But unlike other kittens, Maple has an issue with his vision where he can’t see things a foot or two in front of him. (Bet you couldn’t tell from the videos!) He can see things in the distance, but not up close. It takes him a little extra time to learn the layout of a new environment, but once he’s had a few days to get familiar he’s an expert and you’d never know his eyesight is impacted.  This makes him a little special, but we also think this makes him totally amazing.  He will bump into something new that’s been moved or added, but he’s a quick learner.

Otherwise, Maple is a totally normal kitten.  He does very well with other kittens and cats and really enjoys their companionship. He’ll chase and wrestle, and then cuddle up for a nap. He would *love* to go to a home that has another cat (or two) to play with, show him the ropes, and keep him company.

Looking for a cat friend, or even better, a friend for your cat? Contact sweet Maple’s foster mom, Carey, at carey.fuchs@gmail.com to learn more and adopt this sweetie pie!