Morton Gets His Leg Fixed!

Morton the kitten was having a Really Bad Day when he arrived at the shelter. This little guy was found inside a truck engine and he was a total mess: sick, covered in grime, and one of his legs was broken. Medical got him cleaned up and stabilized, but his leg needed surgery. We sent him out to Animal Specialty Group, and happily they were able to save his leg and put him back together!

We sent him to a foster home to recover, and what a difference a couple of weeks make! His foster mom reports his incision has fully healed and he has great mobility. He’s putting on weight and is the sweetest little boy. He just wants to sit and cuddle with humans 24/7, and when he’s being held he never stops purring. Morton is a lucky kitten and he knows it!

Once Morty is fully healed, this little boy is going to make a purrfect companion for a very lucky person. 🙂

We’d like to say a big thank you to Shelter Medical, Animal Specialty Group, and especially to our donors who make special surgeries like this possible. Thank you for saving Morty. We couldn’t do it without you!