Racer and Honey

One of the most challenging jobs at the shelter is adopting out pairs of animals that are closely bonded and must go to the same home. This is especially true when they are 6 and 7 years old, are not good with other animals…and one is missing a leg! We personally find the last part endearing and we love Racer even more for it. 🙂

Racer and Honey have a little Cattle Dog, Pointer, maybe a dash of Terrier and Dalmatian in them. They are true mutts with big hearts. Their owner recently passed away and a friend tried her best to place them but was unable to. She boarded them for a while but was unable to keep that up and had to relinquish them to the shelter.

We are unsure how Racer lost his leg, but you wouldn’t know he was missing one to see him play and frolic with his mate Honey. It doesn’t slow him down one bit!

Racer and Honey share everything from a bed, to bowls, toys, and affection. They are both very loving dogs and if you sit in with them, they will gladly cover you in kisses in exchange for belly rugs and ear scratches.  They don’t need a huge yard, but they will definitely need something that they can run around in.

But more than anything, these two need a loving home.  To meet Racer and Honey, click on their profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt-dogs to complete an application and schedule an appointment.