Lily belonged to a family since she was a pup. They said that she always had some behavior issues and after working with her and seeing no results, they just tolerated her negative habits throughout the years. Lily gets aggressive when something is taken from her that she is not supposed to have and she tends to pick things up around the house, like dish towels, etc. When she is approached and those items taken, she has been known to go after the owners and has a bite history.

The family started to have children and watched Lily carefully, hoping that her habits would not pose a danger. Unfortunately, the additions to the family seemed to make Lily’s aggression worse and after a few incidents, decided they could no longer take chances with their children.

We have not seen any aggression with Lily since she has been here, she has been a doll. With that said, we can absolutely recognize that when she gets into a new home and is comfortable, she may start the behavior again. We are requiring an adult home only and with a dog experienced owner. A meet and greet is a must if you have another dog. Lily is a senior at 11 years and needs someone to commit to her for her golden years. She is affectionate and loves butt, belly and ear rubs. She loves her toys and would love a spot to sun herself an hour or 2 a day. She also loves her big, soft, dog bed and cuddles up to nap often.

To adopt Lily, click on her profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt/adoptable-dogs/ to complete an application and schedule an appointment.