Maggie is a 7 month old teenager with a lot of energy and who also likes to talk. A lot. She loves attention from people. Pets are great. She doesn’t mind being picked up if it gives her a good view of something she’s interested in. She absolutely loves to play more than anything else. She will play with anything. Doesn’t matter if it’s actually a toy or not. Maggie likes to carry her toys around with her until she gets to the area where she wants to play.   She might be okay with mellow dogs, seems to be okay with cats and would prefer kids over the age of 12.

Maggie came to the shelter with a bad respiratory infection. With treatment from our medical team she has improved by leaps and bounds. She is on daily medications for her eyes. Her condition can be a chronic one and she could relapse occasionally. She will need a medication called Lysine (Viralys) in her food daily to help her immune system stay strong. This can be purchased from Amazon, Chewy, etc. and it is inexpensive. She is very sweet and takes her medications well. She loves being petted and she is a talker. She will be the perfect lap cat.

To adopt Maggie, click on her profile at https://thevbas.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/ to complete an application and schedule an appointment.