A Plethora of Puppies!

February was quite the month for puppies at the shelter.

Shelter staff found a surprise one morning: a box of 10 puppies was left outside the door.

Medical got to work getting them examined and vaccinated, and our foster team started working the phones to find foster homes for them.

10 puppies are a *lot* of puppies to place, so in addition to placing them with fosters in our Puppy Foster Program, we also placed a bunch of them with fosters from our Kitten Foster Program!

Happily, we were able to place all of them in foster homes by the end of the day.

Thank you to all the fosters who stepped up and took in the puppies for a few weeks!

We’re always looking for more foster homes for our puppies and kittens.  Click on the links to sign up to be a foster parent!