Sweet River was found running stray here in Burbank with no identifying information. Because of this, we don’t know very much about her history. Staff here say that she is a very sweet and loving dog, and even knows a few basic commands already.

River is your typical husky–she is very vocal so please take this into consideration if you’re interested in adopting her. She currently is carrying a few extra pounds, so she will need to be kept on a stricter diet with plenty of exercise. We aren’t sure how she is with other dogs, so a meet and greet is a must if you currently own one. She may be okay with a dog-saavy cat.

If you are interested in River, please make sure to read up on the breed. They are usually a higher maintenance dog that requires a more experienced and active owner. Click on her link https://24Petconnect.com/DetailsMain/BURB/A107546 to make an appointment and schedule a visit!