Say hello to big Blankie. Who doesn’t love a big cozy Blankie that makes them feel safe and comfortable? Well, this guy offers that and more! He’s a big big fella, and strong, so he needs humans who understand and are not intimidated but that. He’s friendly and sweet but not for the faint of heart in a leash (just for sheer size). He likes some other dogs, but not every one , so he’d do well as an only dog or a careful introduction is needed. He’s been around small children before and does well- but again he’s big, so decide based on your children’s needs.

He likes to play- and enjoys toys. A big (well fenced) backyard for romping and sun bathing would be his dream. This guy puts on a noisy show in his kennel, but was a real sweetheart in the play yard. Yes, his ears have been cropped, so his look may come across as tough- but he’s a gentle giant when you’re with him. If you’re interested in a big old pup who will look at you with love and also help you establish a perimeter when you are out walking- Blankie may be your guy!

Blankie is extremely sweet and affectionate, he loves being pet and getting scritches, and will need daily exercise. He is a very strong boy so he will need a strong owner as well as someone patient and willing to give him the training he needs. Blankie was kept as a backyard dog so he will need time to be acclimated to being *in* a home with a family .

To foster or adopt Blankie, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment.