Riley, our big-hearted pup, is growing fast and eager to find her forever home. She’s a playful, lovable girl who enjoys frolicking with her toys. Riley is well-behaved through the night, sleeping soundly in her cozy crate. As a teething pup, she’s still exploring the world with her mouth and may occasionally nibble on shoes or cords, this is also a common behavior for her breed. However, she’s responsive to commands and quickly learns to stop when told “No.” For her safety, it’s essential to provide her with a secure space if she needs to be left alone for extended periods.

Riley has mastered the “sit” command and is in the process of learning boundaries with older, smaller dogs who prefer not to engage in play. She thrives with the company of medium to large dogs who share her enthusiasm for running and playing.

While Riley is incredibly sweet and adores both human and canine companionship, she may be better suited for a family with older children or careful supervision around younger kids. She might not be fully aware of her size and strength.

To foster or adopt Riley, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment.