Bones Update!

We have an update on Bones, our special little cat with the broken femur.   (See Bones Gets His Leg Fixed).

He went in for another checkup, and X-rays showed the bone hasn’t fully healed yet, so he’ll stay in foster for another month or so.  All the stitches from the incision were removed, and now he no longer needs to wear a cone, which he is *delighted* about!

He quickly started doing all sorts of ‘normal’ cat stuff like playing in boxes and with the other cats in his foster home.  He has yet to meet a cat (or human!) he doesn’t like. 🙂

After a grooming session, he even came out for some holiday shots with our photo team!

Bones (and the Volunteers) would like to say another big “Thank Mew” to everyone who helped save him and his leg.  Thank you to Medical, his foster mom, Animal Specialty Group, and especially our donors who made this possible.  Your gifts gave Bones a second chance.

Please donate to help special cases like Bones, and all the animals at the shelter.