Milo Gets His Hip Fixed

Milo the Schnauzer was having a rough day when he arrived at the shelter.  His hip was broken and he needed help.

We sent him to a specialist to surgically repair the hip, and then we placed him in a foster home to recover.

His first follow up visit with the surgeon went well: the incision was healing nicely, and Milo was cleared for three 20 minute walks per day.

His foster family LOVES having him and Milo is getting lots of cuddles and attention.   His ears perk up and he gets excited whenever he hears the word “walk”. This week his walking time has increased to 25 minutes, and he loves getting out and about.

We’d like to thank our friends at VCA Animal Specialty Group who helped fix Milo’s leg, and we’d also like to say a *huge* thank you to our donors who made Milo’s surgery possible.  We and Milo appreciate your generosity *tremendously*.  Thank you for saving Milo.  We couldn’t do it without you.

Please donate to help the next special case like Milo, and to help all the animals at the shelter.