Vision and Thomas

Say hello to Vision and Thomas!!! These two good-looking fellows weren’t doing well in the shelter environment, so we sent them to a foster home. Once they realized they were safe in a quiet home they *blossomed* into the cats we knew they could be! 🙂 Now they’re ready for their forever homes!

Hi! My name is Vision due to the mark on my forehead like my Marvel namesake.

I’m a very quiet and shy kitty who loves to watch all of the things going on around me.

My favorite pastimes include looking out the window, silently judging from my perch, and eating.

I also love a good ear scratching in the afternoons and evenings.

Hi! I’m Thomas! I’m a playful kitty who is motivated by food.

I love being pet and also enjoy a good ear scratching.

I love to greet people at the door, but loud noises startle me.

Regardless, I’m still curious about the world and like to discover new things (even if I’m incognito sometimes when I do so).

Vision and Thomas are looking for an amazing friend (or two) to discover life with….and share a meal or two!   They would be fine being adopted singly or together.

To learn more about Vision and Thomas, please contact their foster mom Mandy at labluesey@gmail.com.  Looking forward to hearing from you!