Thor and Loki

Meet Thor and Loki, a cuddly and playful duo that would make a great addition to any home.
Thor is the perfect combo of playful and affectionate; he spends half the day chasing around his toys and playing with his brother, and the other half of the day curled up in laps.
He’s proved himself to be an excellent couch companion while also providing the entertainment in the form of leaps and bounds and high-speed chases!
There is nothing Loki loves more in life than cuddles and food. After convincing us with his precious kitten eyes for another treat, Loki will happily crawl into bed and lie on your lap for the rest of the day.
He does enjoy a good play session now and again, but nothing tops the sound of a cat food can opening or a long nap next to his human on the couch. Because of this, Loki is very easily pleased! His ideal home is one that will spoil him with treats and pets.
Thor and Loki are inseparable, and would *love* to be adopted together.  To learn more and adopt them, please contact their foster mom, Rachel, at rquaylemail@gmail.com