Meet varsity athlete Leila. She’s is all muscle and curiosity! Coming in as a close second is her gorgeous good looks and goofy demeanor. She was a fabulous hike buddy because she did most of the hard work by powering up the hill and pulling her handler the entire way. Regular hikes and training sessions will focus her energy and she’ll go from full speed to napping on the couch.

Her sweetness shines through always and she is very food motivated which will make training easy. She’s iffy around other dogs in the sense that she likes some but not all- so an intro would be necessary if you have a dog. This young girl will need a lot of exercise both physical and mental every day- which means the humans who love her will receive the benefits of that also!

Leila is currently in a foster home. To learn more about her, please contact the foster coordinator at vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com