The 2024 Ruffly-Drawn Fundraiser

Have you ever thought there’s not enough art in your life? Not enough adventure? Not enough art that *is* an adventure? Well, our Ruffly-Drawn fundraiser solves that problem for you! All you’ll need to do is submit a good clear photo of your pet (along with a donation) and you will receive a custom made, hand created piece of art based on that photo.

Where’s the *adventure* in that, you ask? Well, the art may be created by a trained and skilled artist, or it may be created by someone who stopped any formal art training in grade school. You won’t know which it is until you receive it. 🙂

No matter the level of training your artist has, they are creating a piece of art just for you , based on your furry loved ones face- and that is always something special.

Submissions will be accepted from April 1-8, 2024. Art will be delivered before the end of the month on a rolling basis as the artworks are completed. Full details and the link will be shared at 9am April 1st. Watch your inbox!!!

This is a great way to add a little art and adventure in your life while also supporting the animals at the Burbank Animal Shelter! We look forward to seeing your submissions, and the results of the art!