Say hello to gorgeous Jasmine. This young girl has a TON of energy- we took her on her first hike and she never slowed down. She’s also strong and needs some help learning her manners/basics of training. She likely won’t be a good choice for a first time dog person since she’ll need a lot of dedicated time to learn boundaries and proper outlets. She is very smart and loves to meet new people, so training won’t be difficult- she just needs consistency.

She’s super curious about other dogs- so may do well with a canine sibling- but an intro would be necessary. Her beauty and energy level make her super charming and adorable. She’s young and playful and joyful. When she gets nervous or overwhelmed, she has a tendency to get a little mouthy- so ideally she would not be around young kids. We see so much potential in her. Patience, regular exercise and play, training to test her mind – that’s all she needs to be her best self.

To foster or adopt supermodel Jasmine, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment.