Bones Update #2

Last we heard from Bones, (Bones Update) our special cat with the broken femur (Bones Gets His Leg Fixed) he just had his stitches removed and no longer needed to wear a cone (yayy!).  We were just waiting for his leg to get a bit stronger, and Bones was happy to be able to do normal “cat stuff” again.

Unfortunately he developed some complications, and to make a long story short, the metal plate and screws in his leg had to come out.   He had them removed a couple of weeks ago and the surgery went great.

He’ll have to take it easy for a few weeks (no jumping or running) while the holes where the screws were fill in, but he’s taking it all in stride.  (He’s seen this movie before, nothing fazes this little guy!)

He’s taking it easy with his foster family, getting lots of lap time, and hanging out in his playpen with his foster cat friends.  He even lets Elvis take the top bunk!

He had his recheck last week (same day as Stella!) and everything looks good.  He just needs to take it easy for a while while his leg heals.  (And he’s good at that!)

Bones (and the Volunteers) would like to say a huge Thank Mew to our donors who made his (multiple) surgeries possible.  We couldn’t do it without you.  Thank you so much for giving him a second chance.