Fancy Finds a Home!

Great news!  After 6 months, Fancy, one of our socialization cats, found her forever home!

Look at all this space!

Fancy’s parents report that she was a little nervous at first, but very curious about her new home and quickly explored all the rooms, shelves and closets.  She loves the new open space and has made the hallway her personal racetrack to gallop up and down.  She’s fascinated by the birds, lizards and ground squirrels she watches from her kitty trees.

I like the view!

Fancy also loves her new parents.  She loves playing with them, following them around, demanding pets, sitting on laps, and purring up a storm!

I always wanted to be a lap cat!

We’re always happy for adoptions, but when a cat from our Socialization Program gets adopted, it’s  something special.  Socialization Program Cats are cats that come into the shelter and need extra time and care to adjust to their new surroundings. Often they are frightened, depressed, or angry.  The Socialization Team works with them to bring them out of their shells and help them acclimate to affection and new people.

Thank you for giving me the time I needed.

Socialization cats are looking for their forever homes, just like all the other cats at the shelter, and program graduates like Bo, Cricket, Darcy and Fancy have gone on to become happy cats in loving homes.  Susie (A083625), Stevie (A081111), and Darla (A082167) are current residents in the program.  To meet one of our socialization cats or learn more, please send an email to and one of the team will get back to you asap!